What is Functional Release Cupping

Cups provide a sustained and controlled strong stretch to the skin and the various structures beneath the skin such as fascia and muscles. Because the cup is circular this means that the stretch is, by nature of the shape, multidirectional.  This strong stretch can cause the tissue to transform from a thickened state into a more liquid state which then enables the tight muscles and fascia to move more freely.

The word functional in relation to cupping means that we add in some movement while the cups are in place. The stimulation of the muscles and areas of the body that are causing pain while the cups are providing the strong external stretch means that local blood flow to the area is increased. This can have a flow on effect providing a lasting anti-inflammatory benefit as well as a decrease in pain.

Conditions that may benefit from cupping

  • tight lower back
  • pain in shoulders and neck
  • Achilles and calf tightness
  • restricted movement in hips
  • discomfort from too much sitting
  • 60 Minute Massage

    60 minutes to ensure the entire body is considered with a focus on any presenting issues.

  • 30 Minute Massage

    30 minutes for the time poor. Only focusses on presenting issues.

  • 90 Minute Massage

    90 minutes to address the whole body, focus on any presenting issues, and allow extra time for various therapy techniques and/or advice on strengthening and stretching.